Internationally, Miami’s beaches receive all the press and glamour. However, oftentimes locals, experts and connoisseurs prefer to travel north to one of the  Treasure Coast beaches. If you’re wondering why, there are a few reasons why this happens.


Dream beaches

Golden sands, swaying palm trees, blue waters rivalled only by the blue in the sky. It’s not only the description out of a postcard photo, but real landscapes along the Treasure Coast. Combine that with the great amount of sunny days and the tropical weather, and you won’t want to leave. Not only are the Treasure Coast beaches a natural beauty, they also host lots of nature. From seabirds to coral reefs, and even turtles who lay eggs in Hobe Sound and Jensen Beach, you can find a great variety of wildlife and reconnect with your natural side.


No crowd, no pollution

All of the above is great on itself, but when you add to that the fact that the crowd is minimum, you have the perfect beaches. The Treasure Coast is a tranquil area, with no large, tumultuous cities and few tourist conglomerations. This means you won’t find the bothersome multitudes that are common in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area. You will instead be able to find a good, quiet spot and relax like you should in the beach. The small-city charm of the Treasure Coast’s towns also adds to the experience, making it all in all unforgettable.


Fish away

You can chill and enjoy a serene day, but that’s not the end of the fun in the Treasure Coast. There are many things to do along its shores, but the Treasure Coast is specially known for its fishing. St. Lucie is dubbed the “sailfish capital of the world” and year round there are plenty of fishing tournaments, like the Stuart Annual Light Tackle Tournament. There are also many fishing hot spots, like Bessie Cove and Harbour Ridge, where people can catch different varieties of fish.



Perfect for every occasion

But fishing is not the end of the fun in the beaches of the Treasure Coast. There are beaches for surfing, for watersports, for snorkeling, for scuba diving, for bird watching… If you like restaurants and nightlife, beaches like Fort Pierce Inlet are perfect for you; if you want to picnic, grill food or have family fun, there is a myriad of beaches where you can go; if you like boating and marine activities, you will find plenty of marinas and nautical events. You can even find beaches to do treasure hunting, like Avalon State Park.


Now that you know, you can make the Treasure Coast beaches your next destination and have fun in any way you like. When you come, be sure to look through our guide to find things to do after you finish your beach time.


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